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Dust Off ONE general prupose dust remover, 75g.

Stock: 246 pcs
Dust Off ONE general prupose dust remover, 75g.
  • Dust Off ONE general prupose dust remover, 75g.
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  • Non-flammable environmentally friendly air duster.
    The new air duster is designed for the safe removal of dust and airborne contamination from the most delicate and inaccessible areas of electrical and electronic equipment.

    - Completely non-flammable, odorless and environmentally friendly
    - Highly powerful, invertible 360° spray duster
    - Set to revolutionize the air duster landscape
    - Using Active Carbon Capture Technology (ACCT)
    - Innovative duster with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of nearly zero
    - Active Carbon: highly Efficient and Neutral for the environment.

    - To be used where it is difficult to remove dust using conventional methods, in industry and at home:
    - Magnetic tape heads
    - Precision instruments
    - Printed circuit boards
    - Laboratory equipment
    - Miniature assemblies
    - Watch mechanisms
    - Optics and lenses
    - Communication equipment
    - Data processing equipment
    - Cash dispensers
    - Fiberglass cable connections
    - Medical instruments.

    Content: 75 g.
    Type number: A-DO-ONE
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