Video 90 magnetic heads cleaning spray

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Video 90 magnetic heads cleaning spray

VIDEO 90 can be used on tape recording equipment whenever abraded tape, dirt or other contaminants affect the sound and picture quality. VIDEO 90 has a very low surface tension which enables it to clean without leaving a residue. Small dust particles can cause significant sound and picture interference. These dust particles can be removed very easily from magnetic heads by using VIDEO 90.


- A very pure chemical formulation which does not attack tape coatings or other components and materials used in the equipment.
- Acts specifically on soiled magnetic heads.
- Fast evaporation rate, leaving no residue.


- VIDEO 90 leaves magnetic heads clean and ensures sharp pictures and clear sound quality when cleaning:
- Video recorders and Camcorders
- Cassette recorders and answering machines
- Tape and floppy disk drives of computers
- Laser systems of CD-players
- Suitable for cleaning sensors (touch controls) and compact disks.
- The extension tube allows precise application, even when the video drum is difficult to reach.


Content: 400 ml

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