Blast Off HF tornado, air duster spray

Blast Off HF tornado, air duster spray
Blast Off HF tornado, air duster spray
Blast Off HF tornado, air duster spray
Blast Off HF tornado, air duster spray

The tornado in an aerosol. The high flow rate valve ensures a powerfull blowing action. Especially designed for heavy duty applications. A range of products made out of a high pressure, non-flammable, liquid gas blend that acts like compressed air. Available in a variety of sizes all offering a jet of dry gas to remove dust and airborne contamination from very delicate or inaccessible areas of electrical and electronic equipment.
Flow rate: 67 g/10s


Note: For best results use the "quick shot" method. When the aerosol is cooling down and the pressure is decreasing, wait a few moments to restore the internal equilibrium in the aerosol can.



- Blows away lint, oxyde particles and dry contaminants.
- Helps to eliminate failures caused by fluids (water, oil mist,...) trapped in dust or dirt.
- Essential for all cleaning operations where liquid solvents are inappropriate.
- Moisture- and oil-free source, replacing laborious and expensive compressed air cleaning.
- Quick and safe.
- Harmless to plastics, coatings and delicate components.
- Non oxidising.
- Leaves no residue or condensation.
- Always at hand as part of any service kit.


- To be used where it is difficult to remove dust using conventional methods, in industry and at home:
- Magnetic tape heads
- Precision instruments
- Printed circuit boards
- Laboratory equipment
- Miniature assemblies
- Watch mechanisms
- Optics and lenses
- Communication equipment
- Data processing equipment
- Cash dispensers
- Fiberglass cable connections
- Medical instruments.


Content: 340 ml

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