Ionizing gun, 6115

Ionizing gun, 6115

The ionizer is excellent for use in cases where the equipment cannot be grounded in the conventional manner or it is not possible to prevent electric charging. In such cases, the ionized air comes into contact with the electrostatically charged surface and removes ions of opposite polarity from the surface.

The AirForce was designed with the operator in mind. The AirForce's lightweight, flexible air hose-just 3/8 inch in diameter-moves with the operator and makes work easier. No high voltage cable means improved operator safety. The gun's ergonomic design-with a light touch trigger and easy-view LED-minimizes fatigue and eliminates wrist hyperextension. The compact console can be mounted anywhere, so it doesn't take up valuable workspace but is still easily accessible. To make the work environment more pleasant, the AirForce also features low audible noise.



• Dimensions: 203L x 76W x 25D mm
• Weight: 341 g
• Static decay: <1 sec


• Dimensions: 216L x 76W x 41D mm
• Weight: 326 g
• Power supply: 24 Volt
• Gas or nitrogen input: 1,4-4,5 bar / 20-65 psi
• Air filter: 99.9% 0,1 μm

Set consist of pistole, console and transformer.

Option: footswitch
Type number: A-IG6115SWT

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