CRC Marker Paint - yellow

CRC Marker Paint - yellow
CRC Marker Paint - yellow
CRC Marker Paint - yellow
CRC Marker Paint - yellow

CRC Marker Paint is based on acrylic resins and thermoplastic copolymers of high quality.
The CRC Marker Paint provides temporary markings on different substrates and in different colors, demanded by the market.


• Fast drying.
• Perfectly visible, bright colors.
• Easy to apply.
• Thyxotropic, for easy application on vertical and overhead surfaces.
• 360° valve for use in all positions.
• Excellent coverage, even on black surfaces.
• The color and visibility remains during an extended period of time:
o Fluorescent for at least 1 month.
o Color disappears after approximately 6 months, depending on the substrate.
• Good adhesion to different substrates.
• Does not contain aromatic solvents.
• Does not contain lead or other heavy metals.
• Can be applied onto a big variety of substrates.
• The markings resist temperatures below zero.
• Can be applied on humid substrates.
• The specially designed applicator-cap allows application with one finger.
• The special paint rheology minimizes the need for shaking before use.


Colour: yellow

Content: 500 ml aerosol

Type number: A-MPA-Y

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net 2 444 Ft+ VAT 660 Ft = brutto 3 104 Ft
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