TERA Ohmmeter TOM 600

TERA Ohmmeter TOM 600
TERA Ohmmeter TOM 600
TERA Ohmmeter TOM 600
TERA Ohmmeter TOM 600

The TERA - Ohm Meter TOM 600 works with the current-voltage measuring process.

To the adaptation to international norms (IEC) EN, DIN, VDE i.e.) you can select the measuring
time with an internal timer.
The measuring voltage can be selected automatically or manually.

An internal EEPROM memory can save up to 99 measured values.
With an Excel software you can read out and control the TOM 600.

Measuring range

10 kΩ... 2 TΩ 
( 104....1012Ω)
 tolerance: ± 1 x 10n

Measuring voltages

< 200kΩ  =    10V
> 200kΩ  =  100V


Dimensions: 200mm x 100mm x 40mm (L x W x H)
Weight: approx. 380g (without batteries)

Alphanumeric display (2 rows x 16 digits), indicator panel 60mm x 15mm


USB - Interface with small USB Socket


Power supply:

4 pc. AA cells, 2100mAh. (permanent supervised) operating time approx. 6h with fully charged cells, external with mains adapter 9V DC / 300mA

Charging time: max. 14h
Power comsumption: max. 100mA
Auto Switch Off: approx. 5min after the measurement, when no button pressed

Scope of delivery TOM-600


  • TOM 600
  • 2 pc. measuring electrodes ME 250
  • Mains adapter
  • 4 pc. AA Mignon NiMH storage batteries
  • 1 pc. teflon coated measuring strip 1m with 4mm banana plugs
  • 1 pc. teflon coated measuring strip 5m with 4mm banana plugs
  • Serial PC cable
  • PC software on 3,5" floppy
  • Manual


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